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Strength System is one of Chennai's best training facilities with expert coaching, a fantastic training atmosphere, and a splendid coffee machine (seriously it's very good)!

At Strength System, we care about YOU and we want to make fitness as easy, fun and sustainable as it can be. We don't do shortcuts or crash diets. We despise detoxes. What we will do is build a relationship with each one of you and ensure that your fitness wants and needs are taken care of.
Prashanti Ganesh


Co-founder and senior coach

After 3 years in the fitness industry, Prashanti co-founded Strength System back in July 2015. With her no-BS attitude to life and passion for getting people stronger, she has helped hundreds of clients get to their goals. She has a particular interest in addressing issues relating to women and fitness, especially hormonal and menstrual health. 


A former journalist, she retains a strong interest in writing and is passionate about creating original fitness and nutrition content. A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, her other certifications include the Precision Nutrition Level 1, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Catalyst Athletics Level 1, among others. 


Guilty pleasure: watching motivational Crossfit videos.

Don’t ask her: why is everything in the gym purple?


Partner and senior coach

Nivedhan has been an athlete for most of his life: after being a runner and playing basketball in school, he found that being a desk jockey was not for him and decided to take the plunge and interned at Strength System in 2016. Blink and it’s 2020 and he’s now a partner!


Known for his energetic coaching style (fuelled by a mixture of coffee and enthusiasm), he is passionate about getting people stronger and more athletic. He has been a full-time coach since January  2017. An ACE-certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach, he has also attended workshops on Ground Force Movement.


Do call him: Pint-sized powerhouse.

Lifelong goal: to upgrade to size ‘L’ t-shirts. 

Nivedha Suresh
Chirag Chordia


Partner and senior coach

Chirag is a former client at Strength System who liked it so much that he decided to become an intern in June 2017. He’s since come on board as a partner, and is chief technological officer (ok, we just made that up) at Strength System. 


With a coaching style that is equal parts calm and reassuring, Chirag enjoys taking new clients through their first steps into fitness and getting them to feel confident and strong. His preferred form of humour is devastating sarcasm. An NSCA-certified Personal Trainer, he has also completed the StrongFirst level 1 kettlebell certification, and is also a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach.

Favourite thing: Creating new spreadsheets 

Pet peeve: sharing his copious breakfast


Partner and senior coach

Varun was bitten by the iron bug soon after graduating from law school and has been with Strength System since the very beginning. 


He's passionate about helping people feel and move better and is always ready to geek out about the science of physiology and movement. He’s also a wannabe powerlifter, having resolved to compete in one meet every year and to eat for the rest of the year in preparation. His certifications include the ACSM-CPT, PN level 1 and FRCms. When he's not coaching or lifting heavy things, he likes to read about history, politics, science and listen to heavy metal (the heavier the better).

Least likely to win: best hair in the gym

What not to say to him: Coldplay is my favourite band

Varun Srikanth
Praveen Gunasekaran


Head of operations

Praveen has been at Strength System since July 2017, and in that time has become the head of operations, aside from manning the front desk at the gym during the morning. With his calm demeanour and ferocious productivity, Praveen is pretty much everybody’s best friend.


He’s no slouch when it comes to fitness either, and his box jumping abilities are the stuff of legend at the gym. Outside of the gym, Praveen has a thriving double-life as an actor, dancer, choreographer and professional hospital clown. 

Most likely to win: best hair in the gym

Ask him about: his secret shirtless gym photoshoot

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