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The gym-hopping circuit

After much back and forth, budgeting, scheduling conflicts and coffee, we now have a final plan that looks more than awesome. While Sandeep and I have a similar outlook when it comes to training, nutrition and education, some of our interests are quite different. With some compromise and careful planning, after ensuring that our dates were planned around the certifications that we wanted to do, we are ready to roll with the itinerary below.

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We leave Chennai on January 30, 2015, in less than a week and land in Boston. Our first stop is at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, where we attend their Certified Functional Strength Coach certification. From there, we spend a week at Cressey Sports Performance, where we will spend all day observing how their classes are coached and understanding their system. For me, its mostly because I get to see Tony Gentilcore and rub it in Chez’s face. If I keep going this way, I realise this could turn out to be a very long post. So below, I’ve categorised some of the other cool stuff we have planned out.


  1. Onnit Academy Unconventional Training Certification Level 1 (Prashanti)

  2. MovNat Level 1 and Level 2 Certification (Sandeep)

  3. Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Weightlifting Coaching Certification (Prashanti)

  4. Training for Warriors Level 1 Instructor Course (Sandeep and Prashanti)

Gym time:

  1. Bodytribe Fitness – Sacramento

  2. Ambition Athletics – San Diego

  3. Urban Movement – Houston

  4. Mark Fisher Fitness – New York

  5. Iron Sport Gym – Philadelphia

Seminars/ Clinics:

  1. Powerlifting Clinic with Chad Wesley Smith

  2. Perform Better Learn By Doing Seminar (Dan John, Mike Boyle, Martin Rooney and Nick Winkelman will be presenting)

  3. Private clinic with David Dellanave, Movement Minneapolis

Sandeep, the fancypants will stop by London for a week on our way back to celebrate his 25th birthday in style. During his week there, he will spend time at the Parkour Generations gym and Dax Moy Personal Training Studios.

It seems like we have a lot planned out for the next two months, and how much we learn from everything we’re going to be doing largely depends on how we manage to capture all the information and knowledge we gather. That is exactly the point of the blog, and we plan to put out everything we’ve learnt out there for not only us to come back and look back at, but also for folks out there who are interested in training.

Now, if Sandeep were to have written this blog post, I am pretty sure he would have liked to thank our parents for not having asked us too many questions through this process and for supporting us. Apart from friends and family who are willing to host us at various legs of the trip, I think we owe quite a bit to Alexander for not only effectively talking us out of renting a car in LA, but also always answering our questions and putting us in touch with a lot of cool people.

 See you all in two months!

– Prashanti

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