Whether you're a beginner (like an 'I've never touched a weight before in my life' beginner) or an experienced trainee, we can help you reach your fitness goals!

Semi-private Training

Going strong since 2015, our semi-private service is our flagship offering.  

Who is it for?

We’ve worked with literally hundreds of folks from all ages and backgrounds, who want to:

  • Get stronger

  • Just be healthy

  • Lose fat

  • Build muscle

  • Improve athleticism

  • Rehab injuries

Distance coaching

Love what we do but don’t live in Chennai? Still want to train with us?  We got you! Our distance coaching program is for anyone looking for a coach and a solid program. We have distance coaching members from all around the world. Their only common link? They all train hard!

Here’s what to expect:


  • Training program and technique coaching ( 3 - 5 days/ week program, based on your goals) with weekly video review of technique.

  • You will receive detailed instructions along with a warm up and video demos for all exercises.

  • Goal-based progress tracking.

Nutrition coaching

If you're someone who has tried multiple ways to get in shape and lose weight, but haven't managed to, we completely understand! Most self-directed nutrition programs fail because they have unreasonable expectations and don't teach you sustainable habits.

With our 4 week nutrition plan, you get:

  • Detailed goal-setting plan based on information received on the questionnaire, initial conversation and blood test results (if required). 

  • Your program and plan will be emailed out to you at least 3 days in advance and revised on a weekly basis.

  • Goal-based progress tracking (Measurements and bodyweight, etc).

  • Continued food log review and check-ins to ensure we are working toward your goal.

Nutrition Coaching | Meal

One-time Training Program

  • The entire program will be customized based on your goals, equipment available and preferred schedule.

  • If you don't have access to any equipment, you can do a bodyweight-only program.

  • Program duration will be four weeks.