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Semi-private Training


Actor, author and storyteller

"I had excruciating pain in the hamstring when I signed up. I wouldn't say my pain has completely gone, because it's something I've accumulated over the last many years and it's not going to go in a hurry. But at least I've started the journey, and one year of consistency is a big deal, and it's a commitment that I've made to myself. The journey has been amazing because I have learnt to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I've realized that it was always just in my mind that I couldn't do a certain activity. I'm now able to do a lot of things I couldn't do a year ago! Training here has also taught me to do my own work, and to be (physically) independent. Pat on the back for myself and a huge high-five to the people here at Strength System, who take their jobs seriously, but with a smile!"



"Strength training is an extremely personal experience for me, it has helped me get through what was probably one of the most difficult years of my life. It has been a process of self discovery and cathartic even at some points. Apart from boosting my self confidence, it has taught me to appreciate the small wins and these small wins are what keep you going in life. It has been a life-changing experience so far, and I'm glad I'm on this journey. I'm excited to see where this takes me and a special thanks to the Strength System team for celebrating my wins and for constantly pushing me to do better."

The Live Living Room Program


Education Industry

"I have been consistent with the Live Living Room Program workouts, and I find that my knees don't hurt as much anymore because I'm keeping active. If I find that some moves on the workout might hurt my knees, I let the team know and they immediately modify the move for me to something more knee-friendly. There is a personal touch with how team Strength System coaches the sessions and I thank them for guiding me through my fitness journey."


Surgeon and Triathlete

"In tough times, you need strong support and tough coaches. Strength System was quick to keep me and the rest of their members involved and interested with clear, short, tough workouts. I won't say I don't miss the gym and the weight training but I sense, I will miss the online workouts when I am back at the gym."



"The team at Strength System has ensured that the lockdown doesn't get in the way of their members' training. The 30 minute live online sessions are refreshing and keep you energised for the next 24 hours. All I need to do is switch on my music, connect to the Strength System Zoom link once a day and sometimes even twice a day if I wish to, and get started with all my favourite coaches! Their care and concern for their members is clearly visible is setting up these Zoom sessions in these troubling times and is further established by offering step down alternatives in the event it gets too tough for any of us."



"Strength System's live workouts are giving me a great, fun way to stay fit, connected socially and add structure to my day during the lockdown. The exercises are easy to understand, but physically challenging enough that I feel like I've gotten in a good workout after a session. The set-up works super well- the coaches are able to clearly demonstrate the moves, watch us and correct form, and keep us motivated!"

Distance Coaching



"When I started working with my coach, we set goals that were not just superficial. We were able to get into why I wanted to achieve certain goals, what my internal motivation was, etc. We review it regularly, and tweak the program accordingly. The goals have been evolving with time, and that's exciting! I also appreciate the fact that the workouts are designed according to our needs and routines. They are flexible, which helps considering the busy lives that we lead. These factors are why I think its important to have a coach who understands your lifestyle and is able to give you a program that integrates well into it. My coach is a really good mix of knowledge, skill, patience, discipline, and maturity. It's a rare set of qualities that makes a coach successful with a particular client over the long term. Personally, I needed guidance and discipline, but with independence to get into the flow of strength training. My coach was able to help me with that and I now feel both mentally and physically stronger!"



"Compared to some of the other distance coaching programs I've seen, the quality and flexibility of the Strength System Distance Coaching Program, combined with the customized nature of it, makes it well worth the price! It's not just about the workout, but the guidance, tips, and advice that my coach gives for nutrition are incredibly helpful as well. Out of all the other coaches I've worked with, my Strength System coach's attention to detail stuck out to me.

I've had injuries before, and I am very conscious about not getting hurt again. My coach consistently checked in on my comfort levels with each exercise, built in rest days, swapped specific workouts that might have been uncomfortable, and further customized the entire plan to specifically suit my goals. The workout structure is also fun and engaging. Overall, the distance coaching program hits a perfect middle ground of a structured yet personalized training program, suited to an individual's goals, while ensuring 100% adherence to form integrity and safety. My biggest concern with distance coaching was the potential lack of personal attention. That's not a problem at all with Strength System.


I've also dropped 20kg in 8 months since I started working with Strength System, and I've never been closer to my goals despite 4 years of trying."


Austin, Texas

"What I really like about the distance coaching program is that the coach always takes the extra step to build that client-coach relationship to get to know us as people in addition to understanding what our fitness goals were. I LOVE and appreciate so much that they are always trying to put out real information to us regarding fitness and nutrition, especially with a ton of info floating around on the media it can get confusing. I love the consistency of the programs over a month/months, and that the goals are set for about 3 months, giving me enough time to actually reach those goals consistently and troubleshoot along the way.


I am able to see the change – whether it is in technique or just being able to move more weight – from week 1 to week 3 and this is such a reinforcing factor. My coach also suggests ways to set up motivation when there could be periods when I don’t see too much progress. I can count on my coach to set some pretty neat goals and objectives pertaining to strength and different ways to move weight with my body and I love it! Most importantly, I 100% appreciate that I can always send videos of my workouts to my coach, and get feedback on areas that need improvement or to troubleshoot something that is just not working for me. My coach also pushes me the right amount – set some ambitious goals but also work at my pace."

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