At Strength System, our goal is to make fitness fun, sustainable and effective.

We believe that strength is about being bulletproof and living your best life, and we are passionate about helping people get there.

With our combination of expert coaching, welcoming training atmosphere and supportive community, we want to give you the best possible environment to reach your goals.





Education Industry

"I have been consistent with the Live Living Room Program workouts, and I find that my knees don't hurt as much anymore because I'm keeping active. If I find that some moves on the workout might hurt my knees, I let the team know and they immediately modify the move for me to something more knee-friendly. There is a personal touch with how team Strength System coaches the sessions and I thank them for guiding me through my fitness journey."



Surgeon and Triathlete

"In tough times, you need strong support and tough coaches. Strength System was quick to keep me and the rest of their members involved and interested with clear, short, tough workouts. I won't say I don't miss the gym and the weight training but I sense, I will miss the online workouts when I am back at the gym."

Hanif Sattar



"The team at Strength System has ensured that the lockdown doesn't get in the way of their members' training. The 30 minute live online sessions are refreshing and keep you energised for the next 24 hours. All I need to do is switch on my music, connect to the Strength System Zoom link once a day and sometimes even twice a day if I wish to, and get started with all my favourite coaches! Their care and concern for their members is clearly visible is setting up these Zoom sessions in these troubling times and is further established by offering step down alternatives in the event it gets too tough for any of us."

Nitin Patel | Goblet Squat
Badri | Bicep Curl
Zainab | Core Exercise
Kinnera | Landmine Deadlift
Srikanth | Landmine Press
Sadhika | Plank | Coached
Aniketh | Barbell Deadlift
Visalakshi | DB Press
Sruti | Sled Push
Vigyan | Trapbar Deadlift
Minna | Landmine Press
Ab-wheel rollout demonstration