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2016 – The year of fitness, fun and fat loss!

There is a certain magic to group training, the energy generated when a group of people commit to a cause and honour it by pushing themselves is electric. It allows them to surpass their individual shortcomings, and overcome their fears and doubts. It allows them to do the most important thing when it comes to fitness – just showing up.


After much thought and careful planning, Strength System is proud to bring to you the FitBox.

FitBox is more than just a group or a bootcamp class. It is a 12-week journey that will act as your first step into fitness. These 12 weeks will not be easy, and the results that you get at the end will be hard-earned.

Here are some of the features and fun things we have planned:

  1. Constantly changing workouts that can be scaled to challenge any fitness level.

  2. A specific focus on general fitness and fat loss to leave you feeling amazing at the end of each workout and awesome at the end of three months.

  3. Many toys to play with like kettlebells, trap bars, medicine balls, TRX suspension trainers, gymnastic rings, valslides and sleds.

  4. Gamification of workouts to keep training fun and intense.

  5. Nutrition tips, tricks and hacks that you can implement right away.

  6. No gamification is complete without rewards. So, prizes for most consistent, most improved, etc.

  7. ..and much, much more!

That new year resolution for fitness that you make every year, let’s make it count this time.. 2016, let’s get started on the awesome!

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